Utility Locating Projects

View Some of Our Most Recently Completed Utility Locating Projects

Rosemont Square, Randolph, MA

New construction was taking place at Rosemont Square Apartments, Randolph, Massachusetts, and unfortunately for Pro Con, Inc., the asbuilts they were using to help guide them during excavation were proving to be inadequate.

University Heights, Providence, RI

Del Grande, Inc. was hired by University Heights Apartments, Providence, Rhode Island to install a new back flow preventer from the basement of an apartment building to a water meter pit along the edge of a roadway.

Pepsico, Valhalla, NY

Carmine Labriola Contractors, who was in charge of installing new underground utilities at PepsiCo, Valhalla, New York, hired us to perform a Level 1 underground utility mark out prior to trenching a distance of approximately 300 linear feet.

MSMC, Newburgh, NY

Mount Saint Mary College of Newburgh, New York contacted us and requested that a Level 1 underground utility mark out be performed prior to the installation of a new water line. They decided to split the project into two phases.

NRG Energy, Middletown, CT

McPhee Electric was hired by NRG Energy to install new electric and telecommunication lines to multiple new plant facilities at NRG Middletown, Middletown, Connecticut. Unfortunately for them, however, the asbuilts they received from the plant manager were inaccurate and outdated.

Yale Biology Building, New Haven, CT

Earth Technologies, Inc. was hired by Whiting-Turner Construction Company to perform excavation work for the construction of a new biology building at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.

GE Crotonville, Ossining, NY

Williams Specialty Services, LLC was hired by GE to install an electrical duct bank between two existing buildings at GE Crotonville, Ossining, New York. The utility maps provided by GE were outdated, incomplete and did not show the depth of known utilities.

A Gas Station in Connecticut (CT)

Sovereign Consulting, Inc. is an environmental company that performs soil and groundwater testing for a major petroleum company in the state of Connecticut. In 2006, the petroleum company instituted a new policy that stated a private utility mark out must be performed prior to digging or drilling on their property.

Grand Apartments, Cherry Hill, NJ

Prior to installing two new fire water lines at Grand Apartments, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Papaneri Construction, Inc. contacted New Jersey One Call to request a utility mark out. However, when they arrived on site to observe the results of the survey, they were surprised to find out that water had not been marked out.