Utility Mark Out for a New Water Line at MSMC, Newburgh, NY

Mount Saint Mary College of Newburgh, New York contacted us and requested that a Level 1 underground utility mark out be performed prior to the installation of a new water line. They decided to split the project into two phases. For the first phase, the school requested that we mark the location and depth of the existing water main, so they could find a tie in point for the new one. For the second phase, they requested that all underground utilities running through the proposed water trench be marked out as well. During the first phase of the survey, our technicians successfully determined the location and depth of the water main; during the second phase, they determined that the following underground utilities ran through or near the proposed water trench: high voltage electric, site lighting electric, secondary electric, communications, water and storm sewer. As a result, during the installation of the new water line, the school was able to reduce the amount of excavation that was necessary to a bare minimum.

Additional Information

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