Leak Detection Projects

View Some of Our Most Recently Completed Leak Detection Projects

Avalon Bay, 10 Norden Pl., Norwalk, CT

Earthmovers, Inc. of Danbury, CT, contacted us to perform a leak detection survey of a recently installed commercial water main at Avalon Bay, 10 Norden Pl., Norwalk, CT. Before conducting the leak detection survey, we marked the location and depth of the water line and determined it runs a distance of 1,000 feet.

Kings Ferry Rd., Montrose, NY

After having already cancelled a leak detection survey once and debating whether it was necessary or not, a client of Pizzella Brothers, Inc. finally contacted John Pizzella to give him authorization to find and repair a residential water line on their property at Kings Ferry Rd., Montrose, NY.

York Correctional Facility, Norwich, CT

The Connecticut Department of Corrections contacted us to see if we could help him find leaks in the heating and cooling system composed of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) buried at a depth of 10-12 feet. Therefore, we had to utilize Helium gas detection technology rather than acoustics.

955 Washington St., Peekskill, NY

Pizzella Brothers, Inc., needed us out quickly to find a leak in a commercial water line at 955 Washington St., Peekskill, NY, using a combination of acoustic ground microphone and correlating logger technology.

All Saints Catholic School, Norwwalk, CT

Everton America of Wilton, CT, was given the difficult task of finding an underground water leak at All Saints Catholic School, Norwalk, CT, in a water pipe that runs from the upper soccer field all the way down to the lower soccer field.

A Private Residence in Cortlandt Manor, NY

Pizzella Brothers, Inc. of Cortlandt Manor, NY, was hired by a homeowner in their town to repair a leaking copper water service line. Before doing the repair, however, it was necessary to determine the location of the water leak.