Residential Water Line Leak Detection Survey in Montrose, NY

After having already cancelled a leak detection survey once and debating whether it was necessary or not, a client of Pizzella Brothers, Inc. finally contacted John Pizzella to give him authorization to find and repair a residential water line on their property at Kings Ferry Rd., Montrose, NY. To do so, John scheduled us to perform a residential water leak detection survey. The survey was performed using acoustic correlator technology by putting one correlating logger on the line where it exits the basement and another on the line at the water shut off valve near the street. The results were excellent, enabling us to find the water leak. As shown in the photos below, the location of the leak was marked on the ground with pink paint and a flag. This enabled John to dig right at that spot so that he can expose the pipe for repair. In fact, he called back just a few days later to let us know the leak was just 6 inches away from our ground markings. Subsurface conditions sometimes make it difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. However, as was proved in this case, getting near the leak was enough to help John dig his way over to the exact leak location. As John can attest to, this was much better than digging up the entire yard.

Additional Information

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