Video Inspection Process

Our Video Inspection Surveys Are Performed by Following an 8-step Process

  1. Review old as-builts and interview facilities personnel regarding whereabouts of underground piping or conduits in question.
  2. Perform an initial on-site consultation with the client to determine the scope of work.
  3. Visually inspect the site for access to the pipes or conduits from clean outs, toilets, catch basins, vaults, or outlets.
  4. Conduct a video inspection survey using a push rod or robotic crawler, while recording the video if requested by the client.
  5. If required, mark the location and depth of the line or lines in question and/or problem areas or areas of interest.
  6. Perform a final on-site consultation with the client to explain the results of the survey, including a thorough explanation of any limitations or areas of concern.
A Technician Performing  Video Inspection Survey