About Our Company

Underground Surveying was established in the State of Connecticut on March 8, 2005, by Peter Viola and Kamal Abdulrazak, in response to the growing need for private utility locating services in both Connecticut and New York.

To truly know a person, one must first understand their personal philosophy. And to truly know an organization, one must first understand its business philosophy. To truly know Underground Surveying, therefore, one must first understand our 15 philosophical business principles.

Many economists believe organizations exist for the sole purpose of maximizing profits for their shareholders, a short-sighted, base belief we completely disagree with. We believe profits are the means an organization uses to run and grow its operations and provide a 'fair' return on investment (ROI) to its shareholders, all for the bigger purpose of fulfilling the needs of its customers, improving the lives of its employees, and creating a better society for all of its citizens.

Can we Americans really claim to be living in a 'just' society so long as the majority of our corporations--both big and small--use command and control management to compel our citizens into maximizing profits for shareholders? We don't think so! This is why we believe the traditional command and control management structure must be scrapped and replaced with a more natural organizational structure.

Although none of our services currently require a formal state certification, such as the plumbing, HVAC, or electrical trades do, we use an apprenticeship model similar to these popular trades. We provide our new hires with on-the-job training in conjunction with a little bit of independent reading and studying.

Contrary to popular belief, the most important factor in business success is not having great systems and processes, nor is it having the most advanced technology, nor is it having the largest amount of funding. It's having a great team of people. Once a company has this key asset, all the rest will follow. Our current team is composed of eleven people, each one of which brings a unique set of skills and personality to our interactions.

We currently have the capacity to send six separate crews into the field per day. All six are set up for utility locating services, four for concrete imaging services, and one for leak detection and video inspection services.

Since we get many requests throughout the year for a copy of our W-9 form, we have embedded a PDF copy of it on this website so you can download it for your records.

Since many of our clients' projects have high minimum insurance requirements, they often ask us how much coverage we carry. We currently carry 2 million dollars of general liability with a 5 million dollar umbrella, 1 million dollars in professional liability, 1 million dollars in commercial auto, and 1 million dollars in workers' compensation.

Only a decade ago small businesses were incapable of harnessing the power of information technology (IT) the way large companies could. During the past few years, however, low-cost cloud computing has advanced rapidly, now giving small businesses the ability to run high-tech IT systems similar to those being run at large companies.

Underground Surveying is based out of 72 Gray's Bridge Road, Unit Q, Brookfield, CT. Our 2,250 square foot unit is composed of about 1/3 office space and 2/3 garage space, and it is protected by an ADT security system. In the office area we have a lobby, three private offices, and a meeting room.