Concrete Imaging Process

Our Concrete Imaging Surveys Are Performed by Following an 8-Step Process

  1. Review old as-builts and interview facilities personnel regarding construction design details of the concrete structure in question.
  2. Perform an initial on-site consultation with the client to determine the scope of work.
  3. Perform a visual inspection of the site, survey area, and inside nearby utility closets to search for visual evidence of utility services.
  4. Perform ground-penetrating radar (GPR) test scans by scanning on top of the structure in question to determine the viability of the technology; if depth estimates are required and an object embedded within the slab is exposed, measure its depth from the surface, scan across it, and calibrate the depth scale in reference to this object; and, if necessary, calibrate the handcart survey wheel to ensure that the distance readings are accurate.
  5. Create an imaginary or sketched survey grid within the entire survey area.
  6. Conduct a GPR survey within the entire grid.
  7. Designate the location of targets embedded within the concrete structure, such as rebar, post-tension cables, pre-tension cables, conduits, pipes or other potential obstructions, with chalk, paint, marker, tape, crayon, or wax pencil.
  8. Perform a final on-site consultation with the client to explain the results of the survey, including a thorough explanation of any limitations or areas of concern.
A Technician Designating the Location of Rebar