Our Business Vision

Can we Americans really claim to be living in a 'just' society so long as the majority of our corporations--both big and small--use command and control management to compel our citizens into maximizing profits for shareholders? We don't think so! This is why we believe the traditional command and control management structure must be scrapped and replaced with the more natural organizational structure described below.

People have evolved to work together most effectively and efficiently in self-organized, self-directed teams of usually 3-12 individuals, which, only when necessary for their own survival, benefit, or further development combine with other small teams to form an even larger, stronger, superior team, or corporation. Therefore, companies must give their employees the freedom to organize themselves into small teams; let the team choose the natural leader; give the leader full responsibility for the success or failure of the team; create individual and common goals that align with the purpose and vision of the team and, if applicable, the larger team, or corporation, they are a small but an essential part of; and give the leader the power to hold everyone responsible for doing their jobs as they work towards achieving these goals. Employees who are given the freedom to work in this type of an environment will become self-reliant, autonomous individuals who are fully capable of managing themselves. This autonomy eliminates the need for the organization to hire and pay specialized managers to command and control their employees, freeing up enough money to pay them a living wage and their fair share of the profits.

On a macroeconomic scale, if numerous corporations in America could be converted from the command and control management structure to the more natural organizational structure outlined above, an armistice in the age-old war between labor and capital would eventually be reached. Wages could then be distributed more equitably among employees--and thus citizens--providing a natural solution to one of the greatest sociological problems of our time, the maldistribution of wealth. As a result of spreading wealth more equitably, poverty would be reduced and many other social ills would be cured, enabling America to finally live up to its longstanding claim of being a 'just' society.

Underground Surveying's ultimate goal is to become a model for this new type of corporation. It is our hope that many other companies will come join us on this long, exhausting but, ultimately, rewarding journey.