Finding a Water Leak With Helium Gas Detection in Norwalk, CT

Everton America of Wilton, CT, was given the difficult task of finding an underground water leak at All Saints Catholic School, Norwalk, CT, in a water pipe that runs from the upper soccer field all the way down to the lower soccer field. Because of the long distance this line runs, and due to the fact they believed it is composed of different pipe materials, we decided to use Helium gas detection technology to find the leak. To begin the survey, we marked out the location and depth of the water line. Next, a large volume of Helium gas was pumped into the line, using an air compressor. Next, our technician walked along its path with the gas detector about three to four times. Finally, after about an hour of pumping Helium into the line, we found the leak at the base of the water fountain at the lower soccer field. The location of the leak was marked on the ground with pink paint, showing exactly where excavation needed to be performed to expose the pipe for repair. Everton America was then able to repair the pipe without any time consuming and costly exploratory digging.

Additional Information

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