Finding a Leak in a Residential Water Line in Cortlandt Manor, NY

Pizzella Brothers, Inc. of Cortlandt Manor, NY, was hired by a homeowner in their town to repair a leaking copper water service line. Before doing the repair, however, it was necessary to determine the location of the water leak. The homeowner was in contact with another leak detection company and was ready to use their services when, all of a sudden, John Pizzella stepped in and convinced them they should use our Level 1 leak detection services instead. After convincing his client we were the right company for the job, he gave us the notice to proceed. Upon arrival on site, we marked the location and depth of the water line from the curb box to the house and calculated its exact distance at 361 feet. Knowing the exact distance of the line then enabled us to conduct a  ZCorr digital correlating logger survey. We ran four separate ZCorr soundings. Each one showed that the leak was located about half way down the driveway. The location of the leak was marked on the ground with pink paint to show exactly where excavation needed to be performed to repair the broken water line. Soon after, John Pizzella dug in that exact spot, found the leak, and made the repair. As a result, his client finally had a properly functioning water line and they were glad to have listened to his advice on using our services.

Additional Information

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