Commercial Water Main Leak Detection Survey in Norwalk, CT

Earthmovers, Inc. of Danbury, CT, contacted us to perform a leak detection survey of a recently installed commercial water main at Avalon Bay, 10 Norden Pl., Norwalk, CT. Before conducting the leak detection survey, we marked the location and depth of the water line and determined it runs a distance of 1,000 feet. We then used this information to perform an acoustic correlating logger survey of the line. Unfortunately, this first attempt failed. After looking for reasons why this survey failed and discussing the issue with the on-site Superintendent, it was brought to our attention that the pressure of the line was less than 65 psi--a pressure that was simply too low for acoustics to be effective. We requested the pressure be increased before making another attempt. This could not be done immediately, so we scheduled to come back the next day when a facilities person would on site to turn up the water pressure for us. The next day, after the facilities person turned up the pressure as high as the system could withstand, a second acoustic correlating logger survey was performed. The results of this second survey were much better than the first one. In fact, it enabled us to easily find and pinpoint the exact location of the water leak. The location of the leak was marked on the ground with pink paint. Earthmovers immediately began excavation to expose the broken pipe for repair. Soon after, the leak was found right underneath our ground markings, enabling them to see exactly what was wrong with the line. As it turned out, a manufacturing defect in the pipe joint was the cause of the leak. This was a key piece of information. Rather than Earthmovers being responsible for paying for the repair of the broken pipe, they were able to get funding from the manufacturer to pay for a new joint and the labor required to install it--saving them from this unexpected expense. As one can see from the photos below, the defect was a very small pin-sized hole in the joint; and, as one can see from the two sounding graphs, the leak was easy to spot.

Additional Information

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