Utility Locating Services at University Heights, Providence, RI

Del Grande, Inc. was hired by University Heights Apartments, Providence, Rhode Island to install a new back flow preventer from the basement of an apartment building to a water meter pit along the edge of a roadway. Prior to doing so, however, they were concerned over whether or not there were any underground utilities running through the proposed trench line. Therefore, they called and requested our Level 1 utility locating services. During the survey, our technicians flagged the position and depth of a telephone line and water line running through the proposed survey area; in addition, by using ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology, they were also able to flag the position and depth of a non-conductive, abandoned cable line. As a result, Del Grande was able to excavate and install the new back flow preventer without damaging any underground utilities in the process.

Additional Information

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