Utility Markout for a Proposed Trench at PepsiCo, Valhalla, NY

Carmine Labriola Contractors, who was in charge of installing new underground utilities at PepsiCo, Valhalla, New York, hired us to perform a Level 1 underground utility mark out prior to trenching a distance of approximately 300 linear feet. Since the survey was being performed at PepsiCo’s corporate headquarters, it was absolutely vital that no underground utilities be damaged during the process; for if such a gaffe did occur, it could have resulted in a facility-wide shut down, causing an incalculable amount of money to be lost. During the course of the markout, our technicians were able to successfully determine the location and depth of high voltage electric, site lighting electric, communications, sprinkler controls, water, storm sewer, and unknown lines. As a result, our client was able to trench and install the new lines without one single utility being damaged in the process, thereby avoiding a potentially disastrous facility-wide shutdown.

Additional Information

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