Water Line Mark Out at Grand Apartments, Cherry Hill, NJ

Prior to installing two new fire water lines at Grand Apartments, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Papaneri Construction, Inc. contacted New Jersey One Call to request a utility mark out. However, when they arrived on site to observe the results of the survey, they were surprised to find out that although electric, telephone, gas, and fiber optics had been marked out, fire water was not. After doing some research and placing a few phone calls, they learned why this was so. Apparently, both lines are owned by Grand Apartments--and since they are a private organization--New Jersey One Call is not responsible for marking out their lines. After convincing the property owner to provide funding for a private utility mark out, Papaneri did a Google search to look for companies who provide this type service throughout the state of New Jersey. After finding us in the search query, they called immediately and, luckily for them, we had a team of utility locators finishing up on another project only a short drive away. Therefore, our team mobilized to the site within one hour of the initial inquiry, marked the location and depth of both fire water lines, and Papaneri was able to tie into the existing fire water lines without any exploratory digging.

Additional Information

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