Utility Locating & Mapping at NRG Energy, Middletown, CT

McPhee Electric was hired by NRG Energy to install new electric and telecommunication lines to multiple new plant facilities at NRG Middletown, Middletown, Connecticut. Unfortunately for them, however, the asbuilts they received from the plant manager were inaccurate and outdated. To remedy this problem, they called and requested our Level 3 utility locating and mapping services. During the course of the project, despite difficult conditions--which were mainly caused by active construction and inclement weather--we were able to locate and map underground electric, telecommunications, gas, water, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and unknown lines. In total, seven separate surveys were performed. At the end of each survey, a CAD utility map was delivered to the project manager and it was used to help design the new electrical trenches. As a result, they were able to run the new lines with greater ease and without any delays. Here are photos, a report, and a utility map from one of those seven surveys.

Additional Information

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