Gas Station Utility Mark Outs at Various Stations in CT

Sovereign Consulting, Inc. is an environmental company that performs soil and groundwater testing for a major petroleum company in the state of Connecticut. In 2006, the petroleum company instituted a new policy that stated a private utility mark out must be performed prior to digging or drilling on their property. In response to this new policy, Sovereign Consulting contacted us to perform a utility mark out at a gas station in Hartford, CT. This first project was a success and they were convinced our process was essential for minimizing the risk of underground utility damage. Since 2006, we have performed over 100 utility mark outs at over 60 gas stations throughout the state of Connecticut.

Testimonial #1

“I would definitely recommend Underground Surveying since they are reliable, flexible, extremely thorough, timely, and accurate. After working with other utility locating companies, I can attest to the fact that Underground Surveying provides the best overall service and are competitively priced. I rely heavily on private utility markouts prior to any subsurface activities and completely trust them in providing me with accurate and thorough utility markouts.”

Jodi Markowsky

Testimonial #2

“I first worked with Underground Surveying about 3½ years ago, and have used them for all of my geophysical surveys ever since. They provide excellent service at a competitive price, and I have found their surveys to be very accurate. They have been very cooperative and flexible when needed to solve unforeseen difficulties, and provide personal contact when needed to clarify results. Their personnel are very professional and friendly, and they comply with all my project requirements, including health and safety. I highly recommend them.”

Paul Roche

Additional Information

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