Video Inspection Survey of an Electrical Conduit in Rye Brook, NY

A Level 2 video inspection survey of a 4 inch diameter electrical conduit was performed at Rye Ridge Shopping Center, Rye Brook, NY, for the Belway Electrical Contracting Corp. of Elmsford, NY. The purpose of the survey was to view the interior conditions of the conduit to find out why an old electrical cable they were trying to remove from it was stuck. Because of the small diameter of the conduit, the survey was performed with push rod video inspection technology using a 400 foot long MIDI Real. As one can see in the video below, at 4:00 we discovered that a frayed electrical cable was stuck in a joint separating two sections of the conduit. Once Belway was aware of this problem, they were able to dislodge the cable from the joint, pull it out of the conduit, and run a new one in its place.

Additional Information

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