Video Inspection of a Newly Installed Sewer in New Haven, CT

AMEC, LLC of Norwalk, CT, needed to have a video inspection survey performed at 1040 State St., New Haven, CT, to determine whether or not a newly installed sanitary sewer system was functioning properly and built to code. In order to accomplish this task, they hired us for our Level 3 sewer line video inspection services. This entailed performing a video inspection survey of the entire sewer system using a robotic crawler, making note of all important structures within it, taking still photos of these structures, recording the entire survey, and generating a written report to summarize the results of the inspection. During the course of the survey, at 20:50, a pile of debris was identified along one section of the system. The city sewer inspector demanded that the debris be removed from the pipe in order for him to approve the new system. A piece of string with a sand bag attached to its end was tied to the robotic crawler, and the string was pulled from one manhole to another. Once the string was received at the opposite manhole, it was pulled so that the sand bag dragged along the bottom of the pipe, clearing away the pile of debris. Once this section of the sewer system was cleared, the inspector gave his approval. After the fieldwork was completed, both a written report and video were sent to AMEC, providing hard evidence that the sewer system was indeed functioning properly and built to code.

Additional Information

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