Video Camera Inspection of a Sanitary Sewer Line in Wilton CT

At a site on Danbury Rd. in Wilton, CT, where we had already performed a utility mark out, GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. of Glastonbury, CT, requested we go back there to perform a level 3 video camera inspection survey of the sanitary sewer line within the area of concern shown below. The purpose of the inspection was to determine the interior conditions of the piping and look for potential blockages. First, a P350 flexitrax P354 robotic crawler inspection system was driven through the sewer line upstream, from a vault in front of the GNC store. At 11:21 into Video #1 shown below, or 58.6 feet into the pipe, the crawler ran straight into a hard mass of unknown origin and composition, stopping it from traveling any further; this information was documented in Report #1. Second, an attempt was made to drive the robotic crawler upstream, from the vault in front of GNC to the sewer main in Route 7. However, as shown in Video #2, this attempt was thwarted by an offset pipe; this information was documented in Report #2. We tried again, using a Midi Reel Pushrod, and this time we were able to camera inspect the line all the way to the sewer main. Unlike the previous two videos, there were no issues documented in Video #3 , making it unnecessary to create a formal written report.

Area of Concern

Camera Inspection Area Concern at Danbury Rd. Wilton CT

Additional Information

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