Using a Robotic Crawler to Locate a Sewer Tee in Stratford, CT

DRV Contracting needed to connect a new sewer lateral from a private property along Huntington Rd., Stratford, CT, to a future use tee that was installed years ago by the Town of Stratford, CT, but the asbuilts they were given by the town did not show its location. Fortunately, the town had used our services many times in the past, so they knew this was a problem we were capable of solving. Therefore, they had DRV give us a call to schedule a Level 1 video inspection survey. Due to the size and depth of the line, we decided to use robotic crawler video inspection technology to conduct the survey. This enabled us to easily move a video camera down the sewer main line to look for the tee. After about a minute into the survey, it came into view. The sonde was turned on, radiating a signal from the head of the crawler, and its location and depth was detected using a hand held receiver. As shown below, the location and depth of the sewer tee was marked on the ground with green paint. This enabled DRV to run the new sewer line right to this spot, completely eliminating the need for any destructive exploratory digging.

The Location & Depth of a Sewer Tee in Huntington Rd., Stratford, CT

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