Sewer Pipe Inspection to Find a Root Intrusion in Greenwich, CT

AMEC, LLC had a strong suspicion there was something wrong with the sanitary sewer service line at a private property along Milbank Ave., Greenwich, CT, so they hired us to perform a Level 2 video pipe inspection survey. The line was snaked from a clean out in the driveway using a MIDI push rod video inspection reel, enabling our technician to check for potential problems along its path. At 0:45 the head of the push rod ran straight into a root intrusion, stopping the camera about 1 foot short of the sewer main in the street. A recording of this video was made and sent to an AMEC representative. Once they had this information in hand, they were able to repair the line before reusing it for the newly renovated home, saving the homeowners from having to deal with this issue in the future.

Additional Information

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