Pipeline Video Inspection of a 36" Storm Sewer in Norwalk, CT

Petracca Design and Engineering, PC of Smithtown, NY, hired us to perform a Level 3 pipeline video inspection survey at 8 Woodward Ave., Norwalk, CT. The purpose of the survey was to mark the location and depth of the 36 inch storm sewer pipeline marked in red on the site plan and aerial map shown below. In addition, they asked us to measure its size, determine its functionality from manhole to manhole, and find a buried vault along its path. As Video #1 shows, there was a moderate amount of debris in the pipe, and at 2:08 a large pile of it was identified. In Video #2, the same conditions held, and at 1:14 am an abnormal amount of debris was found. Towards the end of this video, at 3:36, the survey was prematurely brought to a end because the robotic crawler was impeded by silt and other debris. Finally, as shown in Video #3, we identified the buried vault.

Additional Information

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