Finding a Sewer Tee with a Camera Snake in New Milford, CT

FSM Services, Inc. of Roxbury, CT, was in charge of connecting a new sewer lateral to an existing future-use sewer tee for a new gas station in New Milford, CT. However, the town's plans were incomplete, so they needed us to camera snake the sewer main to find the exact location of the tee. The GatorCam4 PushRod System was snaked through the line from a manhole in the street, enabling our technician to mark the location and depth of the tee, which turned out to be located about 5-6 feet from the manhole. Once this information was available to our client, they were able to dig a trench from the new service station to the sewer tee in order to install a new sanitary sewer service line.

The Location & Depth of an Underground Sewer Tee

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