GPR Survey of a Concrete Slab for Westchester Capital, Valhalla, NY

Reckson, a Division of S.L. Green was responsible for renovating an office space at Westchester Capital, 100 Summit Lake Drive, Valhalla, New York. As part of the renovation, it was necessary to run new electrical and telecommunication services to the desks in the middle of each room. But to make certain that the lines were hidden from view, the architect requested that a hole be drilled through the floor to run them up from the ceiling below. However, since the building’s suspended concrete slab is reinforced by post tension cables, it was essential that the cables be located and marked prior to cored drilling. Therefore, Reckson contacted us and requested that a Level 2 concrete imaging survey be performed. During the survey, our technicians utilized ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology to mark the location of post tension cables and rebar embedded within the concrete slab at 14 proposed core drilling locations. This provided the architect with the information that was needed to place each core a safe distance away from the post tension cables. As a result, not one single cable was damaged when core drilling was performed.

Additional Information

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