Concrete X-Ray of Slab & Beams at 2148 Broadway, New York, NY

During new building construction at 2148 Broadway, New York, NY, Epic Mechanical was forced to make several last minute changes to the mechanical plans. Some of these changes required that core drilling be performed through a newly poured concrete slab, beam, and bulkhead to install new utility services. However, prior to doing so, they needed to determine the location of the rebar, in order to make sure it would not be damaged while core drilling. Therefore, they called and requested a concrete x-ray survey, eventually choosing our Level 2 concrete imaging services. During the survey, an area surrounding each proposed core drilling location was scanned using ground penetrating (GPR) technology. This enabled us to determine the location of the rebar at each proposed core drilling location. As a result, core drilling was performed through the concrete slab without damaging any rebar.

Additional Information

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