Concrete Scanning for PT Cables at The Centre at Purchase, Purchase, NY

As part of a multiple office renovation at The Centre at Purchase, 4 Manhattanville Road, Purchase, New York, Belway Electrical Contracting Corp. needed to core drill through the 4th floor concrete slab to supply electrical and telecommunication services to the newly renovated Guggenheim Partners offices. Prior to doing so, however, there was one big problem: the concrete slab was supported by post tension cables. Therefore, prior to core drilling, they hired us for our Level 1 concrete scanning services. During the survey, 35 proposed core drilling locations were scanned using ground-penetrating radar (GPR) technology, enabling us to mark the location of cables and rebar within an area surrounding each location. The results of the survey then made it possible for Belway to position each core a safe distance away from the potential obstructions. This allowed them to core drill at each location without a single post tension cable or rebar being damaged in the process.

Additional Information

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