Concrete Scanning for PT Cables at Allen Edmonds, Stamford, CT

Swenson Construction was responsible for converting an empty retail space into a new Allen Edmonds store at Stamford Town Center, 100 Greyrock Place, Stamford, Connecticut. Prior to installing new electrical conduits and plumbing, however, it was first necessary to core through the suspended post tension concrete slab at 4 locations. To reduce the risk of hitting or damaging post tension cables or rebar, the property manager requested that a concrete scanning survey be performed prior to core drilling. Therefore, we were hired to perform a Level 2 concrete scanning survey. During the survey, ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology was used to help locate and mark both cables and rebar. As the pictures below show, the former were marked out with red wavy lines, the latter with solid yellow. As a result, Swenson Construction was able to core drill through the concrete slab without hitting or damaging any post tension cables or rebar.

Additional Information

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