Concrete Imaging Survey at Stamford Town Center, Stamford, CT

Konover Construction Corporation (now KBE Building Corporation) was hired as general contractor of a major renovation project at Stamford Town Center, Stamford, Connecticut. As part of the renovation they were responsible for drilling, cutting and coring through a post tension slab to install utilities, attach ductwork and anchor suspension beams. To ensure that no post tension cables were damaged during this process, Konover hired us to perform a Level 2 concrete imaging survey. During the course of the project, over 200 locations were surveyed so that drilling, cutting, and coring could be performed without causing damage to post tension cables. This enabled Konover to maintain the structural integrity of the slab, reduce the risk of injury and complete the project on schedule. In 2009, Konover received an Excellence in Construction Award for this project by an independent panel of judges consisting of owners, architects, and engineers.

Additional Information

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