Concrete Imaging Survey at Stamford Hospital, Stamford, CT

Skanska USA Building, Inc. was hired by Stamford Hospital to convert unused office space into new medical clinics at 1351 Washington Boulevard, Stamford, Connecticut. As part of the renovations, Skanska was responsible for core drilling through a post tension slab to install electrical, plumbing and communication lines. In addition, large portions of the slab had to be cut for the installation of a four story elevator shaft. To ensure that no post tension cables were damaged during the renovation, Skanska hired us to perform a Level 2 concrete imaging survey. During the course of the project, over 100 core drilling locations and three large saw cutting areas were surveyed. This enabled Skanska to core drill and saw cut without causing damage to any post tension cables.


“I had the pleasure of working with Peter Viola while working with AP Construction in White Plains, New York and due to the quality and professionalism of the services that were performed, he and Underground Surveying were the obvious choice when my then employer, Skanska USA, was looking to hire a company to perform intricate parts of the renovation of Stamford Hospital in Stamford, Connecticut.

The response time to any requests was always timely and there were never any delays nor were there any problems with following the schedule. This was critical when managing such a costly and extensive project. Had we not used such a dependable and knowledgeable company, the potential for costly errors or delays could have been great.

Based on the above, and on other experiences and observations, I would not hesitate to recommend Underground Surveying for any project.”

Pete Zeiss

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