Innovating the Underground

Underground Surveying is a Connecticut-based company that provides private utility locating, concrete imaging, leak detection, & video inspection services to construction professionals, environmental consultants, and property owners in CT, NY, NJ, MA, and RI.

Utility Locating

Mark the location and depth of underground utilities or other potential anomalies.

Concrete Imaging

Determine the location and depth of potential obstructions embedded within concrete.

Leak Detection

Find and pinpoint the location of water leaks in underground potable water lines.

Video Inspection

Inspect the insides of pipes to search for breaks, blockages or other problems.

Underground Surveying was founded in 2005 by Peter Viola, an apprentice to Dr. James S. Mellett, CPG of Subsurface Consulting, in response to the growing need for private utility locating services in Connecticut and New York.

Our primary goal of doing business is to help our clients reduce risk, gain peace of mind, and keep their projects running on schedule by providing them with fast, thorough, and accurate subsurface imaging services.

All newly hired geophysical survey technicians must work alongside an experienced project manager for at least 1 year, before finally being given permission to work on their own projects without supervision.