Our Short & Long Term Vision

We take an unorthodox approach to business planning. Rather than setting arbitrary targets and trying to attain them by any means necessary, we focus on continuously improving and occasionally innovating our systems and processes, the means by which our services are provided. Over the next two years, we would like for Underground Surveying to accomplish the following goals:
  • Keep our customers happy 100% of the time. (Although almost impossible to obtain, why strive for anything less?)
  • Make zero fieldwork errors or customer service mistakes. (Same as above)
  • Hire two more employees to help us with the continued demand for our utility locating services.
  • Grow our leak detection and video inspection services and hire one new employee to train on these services.
  • Open up a second regional office location around Boston, MA, to keep up with demand in that area.
  • Implement a 4-day work week for our employees.